Traffic Tickets


The District Attorney’s Office cannot provide legal advice to private citizens in any criminal or traffic case. When private citizens utilize the online system linked below, or visit the DA’s Office in person, we will negotiate minor traffic tickets with you since you are representing yourself. If you have an attorney, we cannot negotiate with you directly, and we must, by law, work only with your attorney. Whether our attorneys choose to reduce or dismiss a ticket is in their discretion. You can always choose to contest a ticket, and we will schedule your case before a judge for trial.

Handle Your Ticket Online​

Online Citation Services

The District Attorney prosecutes traffic and infraction tickets issued by officers, deputies, and troopers. All cases are given court dates. For many of these tickets, however, individuals can handle their cases online or at the front windows of our county offices before their court date. For routine tickets (i.e. speeding tickets, minor wrecks, expired registration/inspections, and more), we offer certain types of reductions in charges, and sometimes, dismissal of the charges.  To see if you are able to request a reduction or dismissal online, please refer to the citation number at the top of your ticket and click here.

Visit Us in Person

Our office windows are open from 9am to 3pm, regular business days in Burke, Caldwell, and Catawba counties. If you stop by our front windows in person, please bring a copy of your ticket so we can look up your case in our computer systems. We will not handle tickets across county lines, so please visit the office in the county where you received your ticket. We do not handle tickets over the phone or via fax. Unless you hire an attorney, do not send someone else to handle your ticket for you (even if you are of school age).