Court Dates

Look Online

The North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts provides helpful tools so that victims and defendants can easily find their upcoming court dates (see the button links below). District Court dockets typically run one day at a time. Sessions of Superior Court last an entire week, sometimes longer. If you are a defendant, please contact your attorney about when you should appear in Superior Court. If you are unsure, be in court on the first day of the session so you are not considered absent. If you are a victim in a case in Superior Court, you may contact the DA’s office to see if your presence is required, and if so, when you should appear.

Check with the Clerk of Court

If you are unsure about a court date, or unable to locate a court date with these tools, you may contact the Clerk or Court in the appropriate county to ask questions regarding scheduling.

Burke Clerk of Court: (828) 433-3200
Caldwell Clerk of Court: (828) 759-3500
Catawba Clerk of Court Criminal Division: (828) 695-6102