The Local Bar

The following information is provided for attorneys, both local and out-of-District, so they can tailor their practice for our District. Please note that these guidelines and procedures are meant to be helpful, but may vary from county to county and as policies change.

Traffic Tickets and Local Forms

Many traffic and infraction cases are handled routinely, and experienced attorneys can anticipate how the State will want to resolve speeding cases and the like. To facilitate negotiations and the handling of routine traffic matters, please pre-fill the forms below before presenting to an Assistant District Attorney for signature. Only present paperwork to an Assistant District Attorney who works in the same county where your client’s case is pending. Keep in mind, that although we have guidelines and routine, each Assistant District Attorney acts within his or her own discretion and may refuse to sign, consent, or otherwise agree to the disposition or handling of any case outside of the courtroom.

For State-issued forms from the Administrative Office of the Court, Click Here.

District Criminal Court

Adding on FTAs, striking OFAs, and other Cases Not on a Docket

For cases not on a docket, please present the above add-on request to an Assistant District Attorney in person at the front window of our office in the appropriate county. Although we prosecute cases across the three counties, scheduling issues are often unique for each office and the different Clerks of Court. At the front window, we can assist in finding the proper court date (usually the charging officer’s next scheduled court date), and determine the appropriate courtroom for the new case setting.

For cases with an outstanding Order for Arrest, you may approach our window and request to speak to an Assistant District Attorney regarding striking the OFA. Please come prepared with an Order. We will only agree (or not oppose) to have an OFA stricken out of Court upon evidence that good cause exists to do so.

Superior Criminal Court

Cases are first scheduled in Superior Court on Administrative Dockets. Each county schedules defense attorney’s cases differently, and it’s important to reach out to each county by phone to see when you and your client should appear in court. Attorneys and their clients are required to appear for every session of Superior Court, and our office will rarely, if ever, agree to excuse the appearance of a defendant. The Court may also require an attorney or defendant to appear at any time during the session of Court. In Catawba County, if the attorney is not available for a session of Superior Court, please follow this procedure.

Calendaring Hearings or Petitions

We ask that attorneys call our offices to inquire about scheduling hearings and noticing cases onto dockets for both District and Superior Court. We hope to avoid unnecessary continuances, and often already have procedures and court dates in place for certain types of petitions, motions, and requests for hearings.