Convicted Habitual Felon Receives 10+ Years for Selling Cocaine

Harold Lamont Mutz, 44, of Hickory, was sentenced to an active prison term of 10 to 13 years following his conviction for selling cocaine and admission of habitual felon status during Catawba County Superior Court on Monday, February 7, 2022.

The Honorable J. Thomas Davis, Superior Court Judge from Rutherford County, imposed the prison term for Mutz after he pleaded guilty to two counts of selling cocaine.

The defendant will serve his prison sentence in the custody of the North Carolina Division of Adult Corrections.

Mutz’s sentence was enhanced by his habitual felon status stemming from prior felony convictions for possession of cocaine (October 2008), possession of schedule II controlled substance (April 2004) and possession with intent to sell/deliver a counterfeit controlled substance (May 2001), all in Catawba County.

The defendant sold cocaine to an undercover officer on two separate occasions on May 23, 2019, leading to his arrest and subsequent conviction.

Investigator M.K. Williams led the investigation for Hickory Police Department. Ben Faulkenberry prosecuted the case for the District Attorney’s Office.

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