County Approves DA’s Request for Veterans’ Court Grant Submission

Image: April 2020

On Monday April 20, 2020, District Attorney Scott Reilly appeared before the Catawba County Board of County Commissioners along with Tammy West, District Attorney Legal Assistant, and Jennifer Mace, Catawba County Budget and Management Director, regarding implementation of a Veterans’ Treatment Court in Catawba County.

The District Attorney’s Office requested that the Board of Commissioners authorize submitting a grant application to the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) to assist, monetarily, in establishing a Veterans’ Treatment Court.  

DA Reilly shared with the Board of Commissioners that there are almost 10,000 veterans who call Catawba County home and expressed the need for a Veterans’ Treatment Court. Veterans have unique experiences, and their interactions within the criminal justice system can best be addressed by a specialized court that is trained to recognize and consider those experiences.

Establishing a Veterans’ Treatment Court continues to be one of DA Reilly’s top priorities. If received, the grant funds would be used to fund a court coordinator, court-associated operating costs, equipment expenses, program materials, drug testing and specialized training for the team. The total potential grant funding is $500,000 over three years.  

The District Attorney’s Office has worked with many stakeholders over the past year to establish a Veterans’Treatment Court, including Catawba County Veterans’ Service, Catawba County Sheriff’s Office, Catawba County Clerk of Court’s Office, 25th Judicial District Superior and District Court Judges, Probation and various veterans’ organizations. 

The District Attorney’s Office has applied for and subsequently received a grant for specific training from the Justice for Vets.This training, which is scheduled for June 24-26, will educate and prepare the Veterans’ Treatment Court team for successful implementation of this new court.  

The Catawba County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved DA Reilly’s request to submit the grant application. Catawba County’s Veterans’ Treatment Court will begin in January of 2021. Catawba will be the fifth county in the state to have a treatment court for veterans.

IMAGE CUTLINE: District Attorney Scott Reilly, right, and Legal Assistant Tammy West have been spearheading efforts to start a treatment court for veterans in Catawba County.

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