Habitual Felon/Habitual Larceny Conviction

Sharon Denise Logan, 60, of Lenoir, will spend six to eight years in prison following her conviction for larceny by defeating an anti-theft device, habitual larceny and admission of her habitual felon status during Burke County Superior Court on Wednesday, January 9, 2019.

The Honorable Lora Cubbage, Superior Court Judge from Guilford County, imposed the active sentence for Logan following her guilty plea. The defendant will serve her term in custody of the North Carolina Division of Adult Corrections.

Officer Clint Lail of the Morganton Department of Public Safety responded to a Burke County business on April 20, 2016, for a larceny complaint. He spoke with the store’s loss prevention staff who identified Logan stealing three women’s handbags. Surveillance footage showed the defendant cutting the anti-theft devices from the bags before leaving the store.

Logan’s habitual larceny charge came as a result of multiple convictions in Burke and Caldwell counties for misdemeanor larceny or shoplifting offenses as well as several felony larceny-related convictions.

The defendant’s prison sentence was enhanced by her habitual felon status stemming from convictions for felony larceny (1998), possession with intent to sell/deliver cocaine (1995) and obtaining property by false pretense (1987), all in Caldwell County.

Lail handled the investigation for the Morganton Department of Public Safety. Assistant District Attorney Michelle Lippert prosecuted the matter for the State.

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